Bratislava region

Bratislava region
Bratislava region
Size: 2,053 sq. kilometres
Population: 606,753
Density: 296 / sq. km
Unemployment rate: 4.2%*
Average monthly wage: Sk26,417 (€813)*
Average wage, Slovakia: Sk20,146 (€620)*
Share of Slovak GDP creation: 27.3% **
FDI: Sk44.937 billion (€1.38 billion)
Share of Slovak FDI in 2006: 73.5%

Sources: Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic and Slovak National Bank, all figures current to December 31, 2006, except for * 2007 and ** 2005

The region of Bratislava is the country's smallest in terms of area, but its most densely settled and urbanised, with 296 inhabitants per square kilometre, about three times the Slovak average. Bratislava, the capital, had a population of 426,091, or 70 percent of the total inhabitants of the region.
The Bratislava region is bordered by the Danube to the south and the Morava to the west. It consists of the Záhorie lowlands in the far west of the country and the Podunajská nížina (Danube lowlands) towards the Hungarian south, divided by the heavily forested Malé Karpaty (Small Carpathian mountains) range.
Its strategic location at the junction of the Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary has been a key factor in making the Bratislava region the most prosperous in Slovakia, facilitating economic and cultural cooperation, an educated and skilled labour market, the easy circulation of goods and capital, and tourism. The region now generates about a quarter of the country's GDP, has absorbed about 65 percent of its foreign investment since 1993, and enjoys virtually full employment.
All industrial sectors are well represented in the Bratislava region, and are highly centralised in the capital. However, Bratislava is also the administrative and financial hub of the country.

Attractions: Aqauathermal Senec (aquapark), Bratislava City, Červený Kameň (casle), Čuňovo-Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, Devín Castle (ruins with exhibit), pottery, Slovenský Grob (tradition of goose roasting), Small Carphatians Wine Route (Malokarpatská vínna cesta)