Population: 60,133

Martin lies about 230 kilometres to the North-East of Bratislava, in Žilina region; in the Turčianska kotlina (basin) on the Turiec River, under the spurs of Malá Fatra mountain range. The first written mention dates form 1284. Martin in 1340 was promoted to a town. The oldest monument building is the St. Martin Church from the 13-th century with beautiful Gothic frescoes form the 14-th century.

In the 15-th century, aisles were added to the nave. Since the half of the 19-th century, Martin was the centre of national and cultural life. Many monuments in the town are connected with this period: National cemetery, Matica slovenská (Slovak national Education and Cultural Institution), Matica Secondary School.

In 1994, the town of Martin was declared the national cultural centre of Slovaks by law. This town was an important centre of armaments industry, which was hugely reduced after the Velvet Revolution of 1989, and today, it was replaced by numerous foreign investments.