Population: 57,854

The City of Trenčín, Slovakia is in the center of the Považie region. Thanks to its advantageous location, Trenčín is an important commercial, economic, cultural and center. It is also known as the “City of fashion“.

Together with Nitra and Bratislava, Trenčín belongs to the oldest Slovak cities, chronicled as early as in the 11th century.

Trenčín is known by Roman inscription is etched into the side of a hill in what is now Trenčín's centre. It is dated 179AD, during the time of the Marcomanni Wars, soldiers of the II. auxiliary legion who were spending winter at Laugaricio, left a writing on the rock below the castle.

The single most dominant feature in Trenčín's past and present is Trenčín Castle, first founded in the late 11th century. At the turn of the 13th-14th centuries, the castle was the base of Matúš Čák Trenčianský, one of the most powerful feudal leaders of the time

If time permits, there is, of course, plenty more to admire in Trenčín, including the 14th century parish church, the early-Gothic Piarist church, and an oriental-style synagogue from 1911. The tourist information office, on the central Štúrovo Square can provide a complete run-down -- although the castle will always be looming, wherever you are.

Thanks to its diverse cultural atmosphere, the city is a home to various traditions and movements. Cultural facilities such as the Trenčín Museum, Gallery of M. A. Bazovský, Public Library of M. Rešetka, Trenčín Promotion Centre, citizen associations, businesses, and the municipal office of Trenčín, organize many interesting exhibitions, concerts, performances, and presentations that contribute to the creation of the city´s image.