Population: 33,247

North of Prešov, in Rusyn country, lies Bardejov, a small city with a beautiful square, a few museums, an awesome Gothic church, and a first-rate spa.

Bardejov began as a frontier city in the Hungarian kingdom. It was settled in the 14th century and fortified with stone walls and bastions (squat three-story towers) to repel foreign tribes. Most of the walls and bastions are still standing. In the Middle Ages, Local traders made money producing linen and fabrics. In the 15th century, Bardejov became a scene of frontier justice when dozens of bandits who terrorized trade routes were hanged.

Trade declined in the 18th century with the start of the Thirty Years War, and Bardejov's Gothic and Renaissance buildings were never replaced. Bardejov's main square isn't much different today than 200 years ago. Nine million dollars was spent restoring the square's 84 buildings in the 1970s and 1980s. The United Nations awarded Bardejov a gold medal for architecture preservation in 1986.

The Bardejovské Kúpele spa belongs to the most visited Slovak spa centres. Uncommon beauty and sights provide the visitors not only medical treatment, but also rich cultural and social life.