Population: 11,708

Nearest urban centre: Komárno (49km)

On its own, Štúrovo is a pretty little town with an appealing centre. It also has a popular thermal swimming pool and water park, if you're looking for something to do that doesn't involve Hungary.

Walking around Štúrovo, you can see signs pointing out European Union funding projects throughout the city. It's easy to see that the money has been well spent. There is a bright, immaculate pedestrian boulevard though the centre of the city – Hlavná Street - with trees, fountains and landscaping. It's a pleasant place to walk around if you're getting dinner or ice cream at one of the restaurants on either side of it.

Aside from that, the main things to do are outdoors and recreation activities. The water park offers nine pools, including a massage pool and a wave pool, along with mini golf, tennis courts, beach volleyball and other attractions. There are also about three major cycle paths that go through Štúrovo, including one that runs along the Danube and one that goes through the Burda mountain range.

Štúrovo also has a small city museum with exhibits that highlight the regional history and heritage, a portrait gallery, and a garden with antique farming and fishing instruments. (I ended up giving this a pass, but history buffs might find something of interest here.)