Population: 21,082

The town is in the middle of the winemaking heart of the Small Carpathians mountains and is known for wine.

Pezinok's pride, like that of other towns near Bratislava that are stoutly defending their identities even as the capital creeps closer, dates from its 1647 town charter. Emperor Ferdinand III awarded Pezinok full town rights, which until then had been enjoyed only by Bratislava, which was 10 times larger. The town was levied only one duty - rather than contribute money to the royal treasury, it was to provide wine. In concrete terms, Ferdinand III got about 13,500 liters of the best wine from the free town of Pezinok every year.

The urbane streets of the city center ooze with confidence and pride. You can feel it in every historical building, from the 14th century Kručišovská kúria (mansion) at Radničné námestie 9, the 1749 Mariánský stĺp (column), which was erected as a memorial to the end of an epidemic and a fire, as well as the old radnica (Town Hall) building - a renaissance structure with German architectural influences from 1615. All of these buildings, including the synagogue from 1869 at Šancová 2 and , have been beautifully reconstructed.

While wine represents continuity from the past, the truth is that Pezinok has changed enormously. It is the modern town, where a lot of people working in Bratislava own a flat or a house.