Červený Kameň Castle

Červený Kameň Castle
Castle is On the hills above the village Častá in the Small Carpathian.
The first written mention about Červený Kameň comes from the 13th century, calling it a royal castle. It belonged to the system of frontier castles that were meant to protect the western border of the Hungarian kingdom. After 1535, the castle belonged to the Fugger family, among the richest and most powerful European magnates and financiers. They rebuilt the castle so that it served as the centre of regional power as well as the centre of their business – mostly as a place to exchange goods on the way from the mines in Central Slovakia to Western Europe. The enormous underground cellars were built to store the goods. 

The dominant feature of the courtyard, a stone statue of a deer and a broken wheel, shows that Červený Kameň was once owned by the Pálffy family, the powerful noblemen of the Hungarian kingdom. They took power of the castle and the surrounding areas at the end of the 16th century. The legend says that a member of this family was once on his way back to the castle from a journey when he collided with a deer. The animal jumped on the road and broke one of the carriage wheels with its antlers. Pálffy and his servants had to stay overnight in the forest. In the morning, when they woke up to continue the trip, they found out that the bridge they were heading for had crashed down. Pálffy, grateful to the deer for saving his life, decided to put the picture of a deer and a broken wheel in his coat of arms, in memory of this event.

The exhibit of feudal life with furniture, a picture gallery and weaponry is the permanent attraction at Červený Kameň. However, the castle is not a place to go only once. During the tourist season the place is alive with the various events taking place almost every weekend and the falconry on the meadow under the castle.