Population: 5,822

Kremnica is a town in central Slovakia. The well-preserved medieval town built above important gold mines is the site of the oldest still-working mint in the world. The prosperity brought to the town led to it being nicknamed "Golden Kremnica".

The first written reference to the town dates back to 1328. At the end of the 14th century, Kremnica became the capital of the mining towns in Central Slovakia. The annual production of gold and silver guaranteed the development of the town. In the 15th century Kreminca was the second most important city in the Kingdom of Hungary.

In keeping with this shimmering history, Kremnica is an eye-catching town, fortified to the hilt. Its main square, reached through thick city walls and an imposing

The Gothic and Baroque houses that line the square are more reliably Slovak and feature a plain, grey Fransciscan monastery, a yellow-fronted town hall, and the city museum, the plague column and modest Baroque fountain. Kremnica's other central attraction is the city castle, incorporating the church of St Catherine.