Sereď gets a new industrial parkSereď gets a new industrial park
Published: 1 week ago

The PNK Group, an international developer of industrial and logistics real estate from Russia, has joined the European real estate market by constructing a new industrial park called PNK Park Sereď in western Slovakia. Spanning 45,000 square metres of industrial space, the park offers premises for various uses: storage, distribution centres and light industry assembly halls.

aguar Land Rover has increased the price of real estate in Nitra by tens of percentaguar Land Rover has increased the price of real estate in Nitra by tens of percent
Published: 2 weeks ago

After the British carmaker Jaguar Land Lover (JLR) announced its plan to build a brand new plant in Nitra, local real estate prices skyrocketed. Now the situation seems to be calming down. This is because the central bank has tightened conditions for taking out mortgages as well as developers announcing projects for the construction of new apartments.

Fashion e-shop will get a new warehouse in western SlovakiaFashion e-shop will get a new warehouse in western Slovakia
Published: 2 weeks ago

The Czech investment fund Arete Invest, focusing on investment in real estate, is building a new warehouse for the international chain of fashion e-shops Factcool in the industrial park at Nové Mesto nad Váhom.

Investors eye brownfield sites Investors eye brownfield sites
Published: 3 weeks ago

Investors in Slovakia are becoming more interested in launching their projects on brownfield sites or old industrial premises, Martin Varačka, head of the department of industrial real estate at CBRE Slovensko, confirmed for the TASR newswire. Apart from their further use for manufacturing or warehousing, new functions including residential ones may also be found for such sites.

The real estate market reflects the tighter conditions regulating mortgagesThe real estate market reflects the tighter conditions regulating mortgages
Published: 1 month ago

The average price of flats in all eight Slovak regional capitals increased over July. Nevertheless, the increase of a mere €8 per square metre, from €1,613 to €1,621 per square metre, is the lowest month-on-month increase over the last few months. Thus, the expectations of Vladimír Kubrický, analyst for Realitná únia, have been fulfilled after he predicted that, following the tightening of conditions for taking out mortgages introduced by the National Bank of Slovakia as of July 1, 2018, there would be a stabilisation of prices.

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