New residential area for Nová Dedinka VillageNew residential area for Nová Dedinka Village
Published: 1 month ago

The BBC Domy investment company is planning to build 99 family houses, 18 terraced houses and a multifunctional building in the village of Nová Dedinka, near Senec, the TASR newswire informed.

Residents to return to Klinger ColonyResidents to return to Klinger Colony
Published: 1 month ago

Klingerka, a new real-estate project in the centre of Bratislava, will start the sale of its flats in April.

UNIQ Staromestská comes with newest gadgetsUNIQ Staromestská comes with newest gadgets
Published: 1 month ago

A high architectonical and design standard, a green roof with a view of Bratislava Old Town, a boutique hotel style reception with concierge service, preferential parking for electric cars and cars with low CO2 emissions and a variety of other gadgets will soon be available thanks to UNIQ Staromestská.

Lidl to build new store in IlavaLidl to build new store in Ilava
Published: 2 months ago

Currently there are only two supermarket chains operating in Ilava, CBA and Lidl. Now the German supermarket chain is planning to replace its old shop with a completely new store to be built on the same street, only 500m from the original.

Widening of shopping zone in SenicaWidening of shopping zone in Senica
Published: 2 months ago

A new shopping centre at the Senica Retail Park was opened a few days ago by the development group VIWO. It sits alongside pre-existing retailers such as Kaufland, Family Centre, hobbi and Tanker.

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